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Sizzling Summer BBQ Recipes

From Indo-Dutch satay to Med-led recipes, we hope these barbecue favorites will help to add some interest to your grilling repertoire.

Barbecue Recipes to Try Now
Dutch Food Spotlight10

Balkenbrij with Sauerkraut Recipe (Traditional Dutch Pork Head Pâté )

This Dutch pâté is a good example of an old-fashioned frugal dish using the nose-to-tail principle of letting no part of the animal go to waste.

Bossche Bollen Recipe

If you like profiteroles, you'll love Bossche bollen. This chocolate-covered Dutch take on the cream-filled pastry are bigger and, dare-we-say, better.

Cheese & Potato Croquettes Recipe (Aardappel-Kaas Kroketten)

This easy vegetarian croquette recipe combines three types of cheese with potato and spices for a meat-free morsel that'll satisfy any snack craving.

Cookbook Review: The Dutch Kitchen

Author Claartje Lindhout takes a fresh new look at the Dutch regional kitchen, with 3-course menus for each of the 12 provinces.

Orange Fruit Salad with Basil Sugar

Homemade basil sugar adds a herbal hit of flavor to this orange-colored salad with peaches, oranges, mango and passion fruit.

Red Oak Leaf Lettuce Stamppot -- Opa Bremer's Stamppot

This delicious summer variation on 'stamppot' features red oak leaf lettuce and hard boiled eggs folded through the mashed potatoes.


This style of pie is a specialty of the Dutch province of Limburg, where it has been enjoyed for centuries as a typical treat at weddings, spring fairs and holidays.

Arnhemse Meisjes

Light as air and impossible to resist, these sugar-crusted Dutch puff pastry cookies are sure to give you the finest kind of sugar high.

Gado Gado

From the streets of Java to the home kitchens of The Hague, this satisfying vegetable salad with spicy peanut dressing has become part and parcel of Dutch food culture, a lasting legacy of the Netherlands' colonial past in the Dutch East Indies.

15 Meaty Mains for Father's Day

What are you cooking this Father's Day? May we suggest easy ostrich steak with blackberrry sauce, coconutty beef stew or celebratory roast suckling pig?

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