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Karin Engelbrecht

Karin Engelbrecht

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Karin Engelbrecht lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she works as a restaurant reviewer and food writer.


Karin currently writes restaurant reviews and articles for A-Mag, the official English-language Amsterdam city magazine. Formerly, she was Chief Restaurant Critic at Time Out Amsterdam magazine (winner of the PPA International Consumer Magazine of the Year in 2010 and 2011) and worked closely with the monthly magazine as a Restaurant Reviewer, Food & Drink Editor and Culinary Consultant from its launch in 2008 to 2013. During this time, Karin also wrote restaurant reviews for the annual Time Out Amsterdam 100 Restaurants Pocket Guide and the Time Out Amsterdam City Guide. In addition, Karin works freelance as a copywriter and creative translator for various food & lifestyle brands, creative agencies and NGOs. And, of course, she's been your Dutch Food Guide here on About.com since 2008.



By Karin Engelbrecht:

"My interest in Dutch food and -culture is more than a hobby and professional activity - it's also part of my everyday family life in Amsterdam as a wife and mother. As your guide, I look forward to sharing many of my favorite recipes, including old-fashioned staples and traditional treats handed down by family and friends. Some of my recipes also use local, seasonal ingredients in new ways. That's because I believe that cuisines are always evolving, and Dutch food is no exception - we don't live in a museum, after all. I draw inspiration from my frequent restaurant visits in my work as a restaurant reviewer, during my travels, and from the Netherlands' rich colonial history and colorful immigrant communities. As your Dutch Food guide, I have reported on the local food scene and reviewed local cookbooks, restaurants and products. Please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, or to contribute recipes and ideas of your own at dutchfood@aboutguide.com

Read my Amsterdam restaurant reviews every month in A-mag magazine.

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