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Dutch Food Basics

Join me for a look at Holland's rich food history, culinary influences, daily eating habits and trends.

10 Dutch Food Trends 2011 - Predictions from Dutch Trendwatchers
While I always take trend forecasters with a pinch of salt (make that shaved salt this year, mind you), it's always interesting to read what these so-called experts have to say. Some of the 2011 lifestyle trends predictions sent to me by So HBMEO, a team of Dutch trend forecasters, were quite predictable. Of course 'dirt' will be the new...

10 Dutch Breakfast & Brunch Recipes
The Dutch tend to favor wholesome breakfast items such as brown bread, fruit and low fat spiced rye cake (called 'ontbijtkoek') over sugary cereals, pastries and muffins. Coffee, milk and juice often feature on the breakfast table in Holland. Other options include rusks, called 'beschuit', currant buns ('krentenbollen'), muesli, egg dishes and...

10 Easy-To-Make Meals for Pregnant Women
Want to cook healthy homemade meals for you and your baby while you're pregnant? Our list of 10 simple recipes for moms-to-be should get you off to a good start.

10 Must-Try Dutch Recipes
If you've never cooked Dutch food before it can be pretty daunting to figure out what to try first. I'd like to point you in the right direction. These recipes offer a small taste of what Holland has to offer.

10 Dutch Downturn-Busting Dishes
Most of us are feeling the effects of the global economic crisis - yes even here in Holland - and are looking for ways to feed our families (or just ourselves if we're footloose and fancyfree) that won't break the bank. Of course, most Dutch recipes are pretty frugal anyway.

10 'New Dutch' Dishes
The term 'The New Dutch Cuisine' has used a lot in the Netherlands of late (there's even a cookbook by the same name). It often refers to the renewed interest in our local products, used in a fresh, modern way, but I think it should also include the food from [link url=http://dutchfood.about.com/od/aboutdutch…

10 Summer Drink Trends for 2013

15 Warm Weather Wonders
These are our favorite warm weather wonders; recipes that are a joy to cook - and eat - when it's warm outside.

20 Dutch Apple Recipes
A collection of 20 sweet and savory recipes featuring the humble apple.

20 Recipes for Sinterklaas
According to the old nursery rhyme, little girls are made of "sugar and spice and all that's nice", but the line could just as easily describe the Dutch feast day of "Sinterklaas" (St. Nicholas Eve)...

24 Dutch Seafood Recipes
From scrambled eggs with shrimp to classic sole with Hollandaise sauce, we have a seafood recipe for every meal and hour of the day here.

25 Cheese Recipes
This recipe collection places cheese in the spotlight, with recipes featuring Gouda cheese, Bastiaansen Blauw, 'Olde Remeker', 'boerenkaas', hard Dutch goat's cheese, chevre and more.

30 Favorite Fall Foods
Autumn's best food is full of flavor as our thirty favorite fall recipes show.

A Historic Look At Dutch Cooking
From the glory of the Golden Age and Holland's subsequent frugal phase to its current exciting phase of rebirth, the history of Dutch food is certainly not boring.

Culinary Influences on the Dutch Kitchen
What do the Romans, French, Spanish, Indonesians, Surinamese, Moroccans and Turkish have in common? For one thing, they have all stamped their influence on the Dutch kitchen. Holland, in turn, has left its own culinary legacy behind in some parts of the world.

Dutch Cookbook Measurements
Have you recently bought a Dutch cookbook and your limited Dutch skills are prohibiting you from using it? Then my list of basic Dutch measurements, ingredients, terms and methods (and their equivalents in English) may just be something for you.

Dutch Culinary Icons
From stroopwafels to Droste's darling nurse, and from Febo croquettes to good old Heineken beer, this is an ode to all those Dutch culinary darlings.

Dutch Menu Ideas for the Holidays
From the lightest souffles to the most decadent desserts, here are a few of our favorite picks for the Dutch holiday table.

Edible Expressions from the Netherlands
Idiomatic expressions add local flavor to language, and those expressions that relate to food perhaps reflect a nation's eating culture most of all. Here is our (non-exhaustive) list of food-related Dutch idioms, proverbs and sayings.

Dutch Food Trends -- Forgotten Vegetables
Old is the new ‘new’ in the vegetable world these days. What could be more fun than learning to cook with ‘new’ ingredients that have actually been around for a long time? Now that these forgotten veggies, like celeriac, parsnips and black salsify are becoming available again, they have quickly become part of my everyday cooking repertoire. Try these vegetables, they deserve to be remembered.

Drop -- The Dutch Obsession with Licorice
You either love the aromatic flavor of licorice or you hate it. The Dutch are crazy about licorice, or as they call it, 'drop', with the highest per capita consumption of licorice in the world. Join me as I delve into this worship of the dark candy, and find out how it's made.

Nutrient-Rich Recipes from the Netherlands
We've all heard of them, the so-called 'superfoods', or foods with a significantly higher nutritional value than most others. But instead of hunting down exotic fruits such as goji berries, mangosteen or acai to get healthier - instead simply head to your local supermarket and buy everyday whole foods that happen to be nutrient-rich, too.

Say Cheese! An Overview of Dutch Cheese Varieties
Holland is renowned for its excellent cheese. I offer an overview of the most important varieties, what they taste like, what to look out for and where to buy them.

Top Dutch Food Trends for 2012
The main Dutch food & dining trends for 2012 seem to have been greatly influenced by the economic downturn. Unsurprisingly, the theme is quality over quantity, with a return to cosy home cooking and personalized dining experiences.

What to Eat in January in the Netherlands
January is traditionally a time to tuck into hearty soups, stews and vegetable purees. Learn more about which fruits, vegetables, venison and seafoods are in season this month.

What to Eat in February in the Netherlands
Learn more about which fruits, vegetables, venison and seafoods are in season in February.

What to Eat in February in the Netherlands
Learn more about which fruits, vegetables, venison and seafoods are in season in February.

What the Dutch Eat for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Examples of typical daily Dutch breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

What's the Difference Between Brown Cafes, Eetcafes & Restaurants?
Where it comes to eateries, the Dutch distinguish between various kinds of establishments, such as brown cafes, 'eetcafes', grand cafes and restaurants.

Which Dutch foods do you most associate with Christmas?
When I think of Christmas in the Netherlands, it tastes of cinnamon- and gingerbread flavored cookies and treats, almond-paste filled breads and pastries and generous cups of 'bischopswijn' (mulled wine) and advocaat. What dish or food most reminds you of Christmas? Which recipes have been passed down from generation to generation in your...

10 Best Coffee Bars in Amsterdam
Amsterdam's cafés have come a long way since the days when stale black filter coffee was the standard. Today, most Dutch cafés serve freshly brewed cappuccino, espresso and other Italian-style coffees and there is a thriving coffee bar culture in the capital city of the Netherlands. Discover Amsterdam's ten top spots to stop for a cup of coffee.

10 Easy Egg Recipes

15 Football Watching Foods - Dutch Soccer Watching Snacks
If the goal for match day is to find orange food, we've got you covered. For fantastic fuss-free foods to enjoy while watching football, read on...

15 Meaty Mains for Father's Day
Our list of Father's Day dinner recipes for the meat-loving dad includes ostrich steak with blackberrry sauce, coconutty beef sand roast suckling pig.

Easter Menu Ideas
'Pasen', the Dutch name for Easter comes from the Hebrew 'Pesach'. The Dutch celebrate the spring time feast in much the same way as other countries with a Christian tradition, but place a strong emphasis on an extended Easter brunch with fruit and almond paste filled bread, rolls and luxurious toppings.

16 Summery Salad Recipes

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