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What to Eat in February in the Netherlands

February's Seasonal Dutch Ingredients


What to Eat in February in the Netherlands

Knolselderij Stamppot

Photo © Ellen Schelkers
Winter is a time for home-cooked comfort foods and that's when Dutch food really comes into its own. With humble seasonal produce such as potatoes, curly kale, apples and pears and luxurious seafoods such as mussels, cockles and oysters, there's plenty to choose from this month.

This overview focuses on Dutch-grown fruits and vegetables, venison and sustainable seafood varieties. And, because it's always nice to turn theory into practice, we've provided a list of recipes featuring seasonal ingredients for each section.

Locally Harvested Winter Vegetables

  • Beet (biet)
  • Belgian endive (witlof)
  • Black radish (rammenas)
  • Black salsify (schorseneren)
  • Brussels sprouts (spruiten)
  • Carrots (bospeen, waspeen, winterpeen)
  • Celeriac (also known as knolselderij or turnip-rooted celery)
  • Celery cabbage (also known as Chinese kool, Napa cabbage or Chinese cabbage)
  • Curly Kale (boerenkool)
  • Daikon (rettich)
  • Jerusalem artichoke (also known as aardpeer, sunroot, sunchoke, earth apple or topinambur)
  • Lamb's lettuce (also known as veldsla, corn salad or mâche)
  • Leek (prei)
  • Onion (ui)
  • Parsnip (pastinaak)
  • Pointed cabbage (spitskool)
  • Potato (aardappel)
  • Purslane (winter) (postelein)
  • Pumpkin (pompoen)
  • Red cabbage (rode kool)
  • Radish (radijs)
  • Rutabaga (also known as koolraap, swede or turnip)
  • Savoy cabbage (savooiekool)
  • White cabbage (witte kool)

    Recipes featuring February's seasonal vegetables:

  • Potato & Celeriac Soup with Gouda Cheese Recipe
  • White Winter Vegetable Mash
  • Cinnamon Glazed Carrots Recipe
  • Roast Beet Salad with Chèvre Recipe
  • Witlof, Goat's Cheese & Bacon Bites
  • Celeriac & Potato Stamppot Recipe
  • Sauteed Curly Kale Recipe
  • Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Chanterelles
  • Tart with Belgian Endive & Chevre
  • Roasted Root Vegetables Recipe
  • Puff Pastry Tarts with Leeks & Mushrooms
  • Roasted Hutspot Recipe
  • Pickled Beet Salad with Ash-Coated Goat's Cheese Recipe
  • Pumpkin, Butternut, Carrot & Saffron Soup Recipe
  • Creamy Belgian Endive Soup with White Beer
  • Foamy Cream of Parsnip Soup with Prawns & Herb Oil
  • Old Amsterdam Parsnip Bake
  • Pink Beet & Orange Soup Recipe
  • Pan-Fried Pointed Cabbage with Leeks & Bacon
  • Chicken with Purslane & Crispy Bread Salsa
  • Crunchy Coleslaw Recipe
  • Zuurkoolstamppot Recipe

    Dutch-Grown Fruits

  • Apples (appel)
  • Pears; regular pears (handperen) and stewing pears (stoofperen)

    February's best fruit recipes:

  • Jachtschotel Recipe
  • Kapucijnerschotel Recipe
  • Traditional Dutch Apple Pie Recipe
  • Poached Pears in Red Wine Recipe
  • Tarte Tatin with Stoofpeertjes Recipe
  • Pear & Ginger Crumble Recipe
  • Beet & Pear Smoothie Recipe
  • Red Cabbage & Apples Recipe
  • 20 Dutch Apple Recipes
  • Apple Pie Muffins Recipe
  • Kohlrabi, Celeriac, Carrot, Crunchy Apple & Currant Slaw Recipe
  • Dutch Apple Sauce Recipe
  • Port Poached Pears Recipe
  • Apple Beignet Recipe
  • Apple & Pear Chutney with Speculaas Spices Recipe
  • Advocaat & Pear Muffins Recipe
  • Pickled Herring Salad with Sour Apples & Potatoes
  • Apple Syrup Recipe
  • Apple & Bacon Pancakes Recipe

    Seasonal Venison from the Netherlands

  • Red deer (edelhert)
  • Roe deer (female); (reegeit)
  • Wild pigeon (wilde duif)
  • Wild rabbit (wilde konijn)

    February's venison recipes

  • Roast Pigeon with Grapes & Celeriac Puree
  • Jenever Poached Deer Steaks
  • Roast Pigeon with Limburgian Apple Syrup Gravy
  • Reehachee Recipe (Venison Stew)

    Sustainable seafood from the Dutch coast and rivers

  • Brown shrimp (Hollandse garnalen)
  • Cockles (kokkels)
  • Common Bream (brasem)
  • Common Periwinkle (alikreuken)
  • European smelt (spiering)
  • Flounder (bot)
  • Mussels (mosselen)
  • Oysters (Creuse oyster; European flat oyster or platte oesters)
  • Squid (pijlinktvis)
  • Zander (pike-perch or snoekbaars)

    February's seasonal seafood recipes:

  • Dutch Shrimp Croquettes
  • Mussel Pot with Trappist Beer Recipe
  • Mussel & Dill Tompoes Recipe
  • Scrambled Eggs with Shrimp Recipe
  • Mussels with White Wine & Samphire
  • Shrimp & Cucumber Sandwiches
  • Mussel Soup with Sherry & Saffron Recipe
  • Mussels with Saffron & Ginger Recipe

    Source: Het Nederlands Viskookboek; Milieucentraal Groente- en Fruitkalender; Wildplaza.com

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