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The Basics of Dutch Cooking


Dutch cuisine has a long and interesting history, and includes everything from hearty family meals to the lightest of pastries. Armed with these Dutch Cooking Basics, you'll have everything you need to start cooking dishes from the Netherlands in your very own kitchen.
  1. History and Background of Dutch Food
  2. Dutch Food Culture
  3. Dutch Holidays
  1. Getting Started with Dutch Cuisine
  2. Glossary of Dutch Food Terms
  3. Reviews & Recommendations

History and Background of Dutch Food

Dutch stamppot

The Romans, French, Spanish, Indonesians, Surinamese, Moroccans and Turkish have all stamped their unique influence on the Dutch kitchen. Holland, in turn, has left its own culinary legacy in some parts of the world. The history of food in the Netherlands takes us from humble beginnings, through the glory of the Golden Age and Holland's subsequent frugal phase through to today's exciting food revolution.

Dutch Food Culture

Join me for a look at Holland's daily eating habits, unique quirks and food trends.

Dutch Holidays

The most important holidays on the Dutch calendar are undoubtedly Sinterklaas, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter and Queen's Day, each with its own traditions and treats.

Getting Started with Dutch Cuisine

Get the insider's guide to Dutch cooking from a local. Find out which recipes will give you a flavor of Holland, and see my step-by-step instructions so that you can make common Dutch ingredients at home.

Glossary of Dutch Food Terms

If Dutch is all Greek to you, this glossary of common Dutch dishes, ingredients and terms might just help you on your way. Click on the title for an explanation or some extra info and pictures.

Reviews & Recommendations

An overview of our favorite Dutch cookbooks, restaurants, websites & shops.

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