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Traditional Dutch Recipes


While it's great fun to update classic recipes, there is something to be said for traditional heirloom recipes -- the type of food your grandmother used to make.
  1. Traditional Soups
  2. Traditional Starters, Sides, Salads & Snacks
  3. Traditional Breads
  4. Traditional Mains & Stamppotten
  5. Old-Fashioned Stews & Casseroles
  1. Traditional Drinks
  2. Traditional Dutch Cookies
  3. Traditional Desserts & Sweets
  4. Traditional Pancakes, Pies & Pastries
  5. Traditional Dutch Cheese

Traditional Soups

The Dutch are renowned for hearty soups that are packed with flavour. A meal in themselves, these soups will keep you going for a while.

Traditional Starters, Sides, Salads & Snacks

These recipes for tasty side dishes to accompany your Dutch meal show that there's more to Dutch food than just meat and two veg.

Traditional Breads

From wholesome whole wheat bread to fruity seasonal treats, there's plenty to get your teeth into in the Dutch kitchen.

Traditional Mains & Stamppotten

Traditional Dutch mains run the gamut from delicate spring asparagus to hearty winter 'stamppot'.

Old-Fashioned Stews & Casseroles

Nothing is more comforting on a rainy Dutch night than a warming stew or casserole.

Traditional Drinks

While we're most famous for our beer and genever (Dutch gin), our very own advocaat is exported around the world, and our mulled wine will warm you from the inside on a cold winter's day.

Traditional Dutch Cookies

It is said that Dutch settlers introduced the cookie to North America. In fact, even the word 'cookie' comes from the Dutch 'koekje'. Whatever the history, there are still plenty of traditional Dutch cookies around to bake, taste and enjoy!

Traditional Desserts & Sweets

Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves feature prominantly in traditional Dutch desserts -- a throwback to the time when the Netherlands ruled the spice trade. You'll also see wine and brandy make an appearance, as well as plenty of native forest fruits in the summer.

Traditional Pancakes, Pies & Pastries

Pancakes are enjoyed all over the world these days, but the Dutch have a particular penchant for these treats. We've also included pies and pastries in this section.

Traditional Dutch Cheese

Holland is renowned for its excellent cheese. I offer an overview of the most important varieties, what they taste like, what to look out for and where to buy them, plus a few recipes featuring Holland's cheesiest product.

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