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Bake up a storm the Dutch way: Learn how to bake the best apple pie in the world. Discover the secret of the perfect 'oliebol', try your hand at 'speculaas', or one of the other uniquely Dutch desserts, cookies & sweets.
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Borstplaat (Dutch Fondant Candy Recipe)
It's hard to imagine nowadays, but sugar used to be a luxury product that came from afar. That's why sugar candies were mainly eaten during important festivities like weddings and on important holidays, such as 'Sinterklaas' and Christmas. 'Borstplaat' is still popular in the Netherlands today and makes a fun culinary gift that can easily be...

Drop -- A Dutch Obsession
You either love the aromatic flavor of licorice or you hate it. The Dutch are crazy about licorice, or as they call it, 'drop', with the highest per capita consumption of licorice in the world. Join me as I delve into this worship of the dark candy, and find out how it's made.

10 Dutch Holiday Treats
The feast days in the Netherlands are dominated by sweet treats and cookies that contain ingredients like spices, white flour, dried fruit, almonds and sugar. In days gone by, these goodies used to be extremely expensive, which is why their use was reserved for special holidays and parties. Nowadays, of course, we tend to eat speculaas ...

Tulbandjes met Frambozencreme (Mini Vanilla Cakes with Raspberry Cream)
These mini vanilla ring cakes, served with a delicate raspberry cream, are as pretty as a picture.

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