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More than perhaps any other nation, the Dutch are a people obsessed with their bread. They can just as easily enjoy a sandwich for breakfast as for lunch. This section, therefore, will feature Dutch bread and sandwiches, but also recipes for egg dishes, omelettes, pancakes and healthy fruit-based breakfasts.
  1. Bread recipes (10)
  2. Egg Dishes (8)
  3. Fruity Dutch Breakfast Dishes (8)
  4. More Lunch Ideas (11)
  5. Muffins & Cupcakes (9)
  6. Pancakes (10)
  7. Sandwiches (10)

10 Dutch Breakfast & Brunch Recipes
The Dutch tend to favor wholesome breakfast items such as brown bread, fruit and low fat spiced rye cake (called 'ontbijtkoek') over sugary cereals, pastries and muffins. Coffee, milk and juice often feature on the breakfast table in Holland. Other options include rusks, called 'beschuit', currant buns ('krentenbollen'), muesli, egg dishes and...

Baked Quinces with Spiced Strained Yogurt & Vanilla, Lemon & Honey Syrup
After stewing for a few hours in honey, lemon juice and spices, the lumpy yellow pear-like fruit becomes aromatically scented, like a flower blooming from a spice jar. Its crisp, cream-colored fresh turns rosy hued, with a sweet-sour flavour that tastes like a cross between a pear and a guava. There's a zesty freshness courtesy of the citrus,...

Queen's Day Smoothie (Koninginnedag Smoothie)
If you're looking for tangerine-tinged culinary inspiration for Queen's Day (an annual Dutch holiday on April 30, during which everyone and everything goes orange for a day in honor of the Queen's birthday), look no further. This smoothie with oranges, banana, plums and mango is so good, however, you might turn to it more than once a year.

Rhubarb-Raspberry Granola Parfait Recipe
Looking for a healthy way to add oomph to your everyday breakfast routine? Try our super simple rhubarb-raspberry granola parfait now.

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