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Definition: Chipolatapudding is a gelatin-set Dutch dessert flavored with Maraschino liqueur and studded with raisins, glacé- or fresh fruits, and nuts.

Origins and Etymology:

The similarity of the dish's name to that of chipolata sausages is explained by Johannes van Dam in his book De Dikke Van Dam (Amsterdam, Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2006). Van Dam tells of an earlier, savory dish, which was made with macaroni and onions (cipolla in Italian). At some point, presumably mid-way through the last century, a sweet, milk-based pudding was created, which was named after the savory dish in much the same way that a layered chocolate dessert could be called a chocolate lasagna, i.e. presumably because of similarities in appearance.

Do Try This at Home:

Make the pudding with this easy to follow Chipolatapudding recipe from De Banketbakker cookbook.

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