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Cookbook Review: Pastry in Europe 2009

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Cookbook Review: Pastry in Europe 2009

Pastry in Europe 2009

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The Bottom Line

I'll be honest, this is not exactly my cup of tea, but then it's not meant for home cooks like me. The techniques are too lengthy and complicated and the recipes produce industrial quantities. That said, I see a place for this book not only on the bookshelves of the professional patissiers it is meant for, but also those of aspiring pastry chefs, advanced home cooks who want to try some challenging new techniques or lovers of culi-porn who prefer to cook vicariously through pictures and text.


  • Won fourth place in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for Best Dessert Book.
  • Compiled by the people behind culinary magazines Culinaire Saisonnier and Patisserie & Desserts.
  • Latest techniques and preparations from the pros. Editors are all professional chefs and patissiers.
  • A great book for culinary pros, (aspiring) pastry chefs and lovers of culi-porn.


  • The recipes and techniques are a bit too complicated for most home cooks.
  • Recipes make industrial batch sizes and many use hard-to-find ingredients or professional tools.
  • The book is expensive and not all that widely available.
  • The English comes across as non-native.
  • The index could be more detailed.


  • Pastry in Europe 2009
  • Published by CuliBooks Inc.
  • Euro 49,00 (order from www.pastryineurope.com)
  • ISBN: 9789490021009

Guide Review - Cookbook Review: Pastry in Europe 2009

With patisserie techniques and preparations from Copenhagen to the Netherlands and all the way down to Barcelona, Pastry in Europe 2009 is the first in what promises to become an annual look at the latest and greatest in European patisserie. They're off to a good start -- the 2009 book won fourth place in the World in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for Best Dessert Book. The first thing you notice is the Pepto-Bismol pink cover and the luscious photography of impossibly perfect confections. The 250 page book features tips, insights and techniques by chefs such as Rene Redzepi, Roger van Damme and Marike van Beurden, sections on techniques, including new ways with liquid nitrogen, carbonic acid and methyl cellulose, city profiles of Barcelona, London and Bruges and features on ingredients, incl. Holland's renowned Koppert Cress, and shops, such as Amsterdam candy store Papabubble. Recipes include banana croquettes, black nougat, 'mattentaart' (Flemish pastry) and 'Bossche koek' (Dutch breakfast bread from 's Hertogenbosch).
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