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Cookies are so Dutch that even their very name comes from the Dutch word 'koekje'. In this section, I will be looking at all kinds of Dutch cookies, both sweet and savory, from 'boterkoek', 'jan hagel' and 'speculaas' to Gouda cheese cookies and 'kaasstengels'.

Amsterdamse Koggetjes (Dutch Nougatine Cookies Recipe)
Once named the official cookie for the Dutch city of Amsterdam, these delicious nougat-studded cookies are also known as 'nougatientjes'.

Arnhemse Meisjes with Cinnamon (Arnhemse Meisjes met Kaneel)
Get ready to bake the easiest cookies ever. Our version of the traditional Dutch cookie recipe is light, crispy and dusted with cinnamon.

Bruges Lace Cookies (Brugse Kant/Kletskoppen)
Bruges lace cookies, or 'kletskoppen' as they're known in Dutch, are very thin, hard, crispy cookies that consist primarily of sugar and nuts.

Butter Biscuits (Boterkoek)
Often mistakenly called Dutch shortbread, these biscuits are, in fact, unique to the Netherlands. They have a slightly different taste and texture to shortbread, but if you are a fan of the Scottish treat you are likely to love these too.

Christmas Wreath Cookies
These Dutch Christmas cookies, called 'kerstkransjes' in Dutch, are used to decorate the Christmas tree. However, if you think they are just pretty to look at, you are in for a treat. They taste fantastic too.

Dutch Cheese Straws (Kaasstengels)
These crispy cheesy twists of puff pastry are traditionally served as a savory accompaniment to soup, but they are just as good as a snack.

Gevulde Speculaas (Dutch Spiced Cookies Filled With Almond Paste)
'Gevulde Speculaas' is a traditional Dutch cookie served at Christmas time, or these days, anytime. Crispy layers of ginger-cinnamon cookie, decorated with almonds, encase a soft, flavorful almond paste center.

Halloween Cookies from Holland
What better time than fall to enjoy Holland's famous cinnamon-ginger cookies? We've used our favorite Dutch cookie recipe to add a Dutch touch to your Halloween cookie jar.

Gouda Cookies
These Gouda Cookies are a fantastic party snack. I've been told they taste a bit like Cheez-Its, only more wholesome (I think it was a compliment). At any rate, these savory cheese cookies are nothing if not simple: good aged Gouda, flour, butter, pepper and a touch of nutmeg.

Jan Hagel Cookies
These Dutch Christmas cookies with their hint of cinnamon, almond slivers and sugary crunch are just great for the holidays -- or, in fact, any time.

Krakelingen Recipe (Sweet Dutch Pretzel Cookies)

Kruidnoten (Ginger Nuts)
The little sister of speculaas, kruidnoten are tiny rounded cookies eaten at Sinterklaas. They're spiced with ginger, cinnamon, white pepper, cardamom, cloves and nutmeg.

Lime & White Chocolate Cookies
Fragrant lime and creamy white chocolate work surprisingly well together in this crispy cookie - one of my favorites.

Spiced Cookies
An easy recipe for speculaas cookies. These delicious Dutch cinnamon-gingery cookies are traditionally eaten at Sinterklaas, a Dutch festival on Dec. 5.

Stroopkoeken Recipe (Dutch Syrup Cookies)
Similar to the more well-known 'stroopwafel', those delicious caramel-filled waffles sold piping hot on Dutch markets, the 'stroopkoek' (literally 'syrup cake') can be baked in a regular oven. What you get is a caramel-filled cookie that absolutely everyone will love.

Stroopwafels (Dutch Syrup Waffles)
While prepared in a waffle iron, 'stroopwafels' (syrup waffles) are more like caramel-filled cookies than waffles. Apparently, the first stroopwafels were baked in Gouda (also famous for its cheese) in the late 18th century. They are popular all over the Netherlands today, and while you can buy them abroad nowadays, they taste at their best...

Taai-Taai Cookie Recipe
Literally translated as 'tough-tough', these traditional 'Sinterklaas' cookies owe their typical chewy texture to honey. They are often made in beautiful festive molds and taste of aniseed.

Truffel Kruidnoten (Truffle Ginger Nuts)
The latest craze in Holland, truffel kruidnoten are an updated version of the tiny gingerbread-style cookies so popular at Sinterklaas. Inspired by the chocolate truffle, the spicy cookies are coated in a layer of white chocolate and then covered in bitter Dutch cocoa powder. A new classic has been born.

Pepernoten Recipe (Dutch Peppernut Cookies)
Traditionally part of Dutch Sinterklaas festivities, 'pepernoten' (aniseed and honey flavored cookies) can be found in every Dutch supermarket and bakery in the months preceding St. Nicholas Eve on December 5. This easy recipe, from Amsterdam's most famous patissier, Cees Holtkamp, delivers a fragrant batch of homemade Dutch 'pepper nuts'.

Zandkoekjes (Dutch 'Sand' Cookies)
Don't worry, the name 'sand cookies' refers to the crumbly texture and sandy color of these crisp Dutch cookies, not the taste.

Chocolate-Covered Kruidnoten
Chocolate kruidnoten (the small gingerbread-style cookies enjoyed at 'Sinterklaas') have been popular for a number of years as an update to the traditional cookie. You can use milk- or dark chocolate for this recipe, but I think the complexity of the latter complements the heady mix of spices used in this festive Dutch cookie better.

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