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Drie in de Pan


Drie in de Pan

Drie in de pan pancakes

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Definition: Drie in de pan (or 'three in the pan', presumably because you can bake three at a time in a large skillet) are hearty currant-encrusted buckwheat pancakes.

These traditional Dutch pancakes are a favorite supper standby in the Netherlands. In fact, frugal housewives used to serve this type of pancake following a nutritious legume-based evening meal, such as brown bean soup or traditional split pea soup. Apparently it was thought that fewer pancakes would be required after such hearty fare.

The traditional method for making this type of pancake uses a mix of wheat- and buckwheat flours, leavened with yeast. The pancake batter is enriched with fresh and dried fruits, such as raisins, sultanas and apple. Drie in de pan pancakes require a little bit more resting time than modern versions of the recipe that use baking powder. These pancakes are traditionally served with stroop, a dark, molasses-like pancake syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar.

Bake your own:

For a flavor of Holland, try this drie in de pan recipe from Het Nederlands Bakboek.

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