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Hague Bluff with Blackberries

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Hague Bluff with Blackberries

Blackberry Bluff

Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
This is my take on the traditional Dutch dessert, Haagse bluf (this translates to 'Hague bluff', supposedly because people from The Hague are full of hot air). The oldest versions are made with redcurrants, but I often see Haagse bluf made with strawberries and forest fruits these days, so my blackberry version fits right in.


  • Lemon juice
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/2 cup sugar (95 g)
  • 3 boxes of blackberries (see Tips)


Puree 1 1/2 boxes of blackberries in a food processor or blender with 2 1/2 tbsp water. Press the liquid through a sieve over a bowl. This will create a smooth black sauce.

Using a clean bowl and whisk that have been wiped with lemon juice and dried off, whip the egg whites stiff (if you turn the bowl on its side, the egg whites should not move). Now add the sugar and 5 tbsp of the blackberry sauce. Continue to whip until combined.

Serve the Blackberry Bluff in small cups or bowls with the remaining blackberries and a drizzle of the remaining blackberry sauce.

Serves 4-6


  • In the Netherlands blackberries are sold in standard containers of 150 grams (5,29 oz).
  • Because this recipe uses raw egg whites, it is not suitable for the immunologically challenged (pregnant women, very young children or the aged). Always use fresh organic eggs and serve immediately.
  • Seeing that Haagse bluf doesn't keep well, use any you don't use up immediately to make meringues. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper, scoop or pipe small amounts of the Haagse Bluf onto the paper and bake at 220 degrees F (approx 100 degrees C) for a few hours until they feel dry, hard and crisp to the touch and then leave in the oven to cool. These meringues are good as is, or crumbled over fruit or other desserts.
  • Try 'Hague bluff' with strawberries or redcurrants instead of the blackberries.
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 3 out of 5
Good, but too sweet, Member gdanen

Easy to make, but the sugar was overwhelming. My mom used to make it with black currant juice, but I don't know how much sugar...

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