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The Dutch are probably best known for their beer, and in the searing summer there’s nothing like it. But it’s hard to beat a soul soothing cup of real hot chocolate on a cold damp day. Or perhaps a mug of steaming spiced wine is more likely to lift your spirits? The bar’s open.

10 Summer Drink Trends for 2013

Advocaat of the Devil
Advocaat is a creamy yellow liqueur made from a rich blend of egg yolks, sugar, brandy and a touch of vanilla. The Netherlands exports this drink to over 50 countries, but, shhhh, it’s really easy to make your own at home.

Amarula Sunset Cocktail
This creamy cocktail could be just the thing to calm those nerves during the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The cocktail is made from fresh Dutch strawberries and Amarula cream liqueur, an award-winning South African liqueur made from African Marula fruit - what could be more summery?

Apple Cream Cocktail
Yogurt liqueur, sour apple liqueur and freshly squeezed lime juice combine beautifully in this easy-to-make creamy sweet and sour cocktail.

Beet & Pear Smoothie
Beets may seem like a surprising ingredient for a smoothie, but somehow their sweet earthy flavor balance really well with the fruity butteriness of pears.

Bishop's Wine (Bischopswijn)
This Dutch version of gluhwein is traditionally consumed on Sinterklaas, a Dutch holiday on December 5. Sinterklaas, which translates to St. Nicholas, was a Catholic bishop, hence the name Bishop's wine.

Boerenjongens Recipe (Brandied Sultanas)
A favorite treat at Dutch festivities and celebrations, 'boerenjongens' or brandied raisins, are easy to make and can be enjoyed as a drink or used as an ingredient in other dishes.

Classic Hot Chocolate Recipe (Warme Chocolademelk)
Steaming hot chocolate is as typical on a cafe menu as coffee or tea in the Netherlands. While the drink is most popular as a fall and winter treat, hot cocoa with whipped cream is certainly enjoyed on rainy days year-round. Try our recipe.

Red Light Cocktail
Amsterdam is perhaps even more known for its Red Light District than for its jenever (Dutch gin). The color of this fruitily delicious cocktail reminds me of those infamous scarlet windows.

Queen's Day Smoothie (Koninginnedag Smoothie)
If you're looking for tangerine-tinged culinary inspiration for Queen's Day (an annual Dutch holiday on April 30, during which everyone and everything goes orange for a day in honor of the Queen's birthday), look no further. This smoothie with oranges, banana, plums and mango is so good, however, you might turn to it more than once a year.

Apple Pie Martini
This apple & cinnamon martini is made with Young Jenever ('Jonge Graanjenever'), vermouth, amaretto and spiced apple juice. It is not overly sweet or dry and, in my experience, it is liked by both young and old alike, making it excellent for all festive occasions in the fall and winter months.

What could be more thirst quenching on a sveltering summer afternoon than a jug of ice-cold water? That's easy. A jug of ice-cold water with slices of lemon, cucumber and fresh mint, that's what! It not only looks good, but you can actually feel it doing you good, too.

Speculaas Coffee Recipe (Coffee with Dutch Gingerbread Spices)
This warming seasonal coffee tastes like a gingerbread-flavored hug. It is laced with speculaas liqueur and topped with a snowy mound of whipped cream and toasted almonds. Let the cold weather come...

Strawberry & Yogurt Cocktail
This sublime cocktail could be called a grown-up version of a strawberry smoothie or milkshake. It is made with fresh strawberries and Bols Natural Yoghurt liqueur, a tartly sweet alternative to creamy tipples such as Bailey's and Amarula.

In De Olofspoort. For A Taste of Dutch Jenever & Liqueurs.
'In De Olofspoort', a historic cafe dating from 1619, and situated in the heart of Amsterdam, specialises in the Dutch national drink Jenever (Dutch gin), liqueurs and bitters. With a selection of over 200 drinks, you're sure to find something you fancy. They also sell most drinks by the bottle so you can take home your favorites. A must-do when you're in Amsterdam!

Dutch Beer
For many, Dutch beer tends to be synonymous with Heineken. Did you know that the Heineken Museum is a popular tourist attraction in Amsterdam? Also make sure to try Grolsch (pilsner), Bokbier (dark seasonal beer) Wieckse Witte (white summer beer) and beers from small specialty brewers like Brouwerij 't Ij.

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