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Best Spots for Food Lovers in The Hague - Food Shopping Guide to The Hague


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Shopping for Tableware & the Dining Room in the Hague
Best Spots for Food Lovers in The Hague - Food Shopping Guide to The Hague

Exclusive Asian Earthenware & Porcelain

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KaDenz (Prinsestraat 25) specializes in 'timelessly modern' furniture and accessories from both local and international designers. Here, dining tables are styled complete with chairs, placemats, fruit bowls, plates, cutlery, glassware, vases, and lamps. It's amazing how many stores don't use this simple trick, but it certainly helps give a more complete picture of how something could look in your home and makes the shop itself more interesting and inviting, too.

Alexander van de Ven Gallery on Noordeinde 128 stocks an impressive range of Japanese Arita Porcelain rice bowls, tea cups and sushi plates, Japanese earthenware matcha bowls and sake sets and over 200 traditional tea kettles made from cast iron by Iwachu in Marioka, Japan.

A stone's throw from the Noordeinde Palace, chic Philippona (Noordeinde 122) stocks fine porcelain, silverware and crystal fit for a queen. Brands include Gien, Royal Copenhagen, Royal Limoges, The Hague Collection and Ercuis.

Aan Tafel met Portazul, a colorful, quirky shop on Noordeinde 204, is stacked floor to ceiling with hand painted rustic pottery from Portugal, France, Italy, England and Mexico. The shop also stocks glassware, cutlery and Garnier Thiebaut table linens.

WAAR (Schoolstraat 20-22) offers tableware, gifts and foods with a story. You'll find sustainable products, FSC-certified wares, Fair Trade items and foods, and products made from recycled materials. While this is all very worthy, the WAAR chain (there are 7 other shops in Dutch cities such as Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht and Rotterdam) has moved with the times and its selection is surprisingly cool and modern. You'll find wares by noted designers such as Piet Hein Eek (we love his solidly simple DIK tableware range and Vietnam-produced vases), gorgeous bamboo products by Bambu and sustainable Acacia wood cutting boards, plateware and utensils.

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