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Dutch Food Online - Websites That Sell Dutch Food & Ingredients

These websites offer a wide selection of Dutch food and ingredients. Please share your experiences with me.

Favorite Dutch Foodie Finds 2010
The Netherlands is known for design, and to a certain extent for its food (cheese! dairy! chocolate!), so it should come as no surprise that my list of favorite holiday gifts from Holland should include a little of each. From the winners of various design awards, such as Vij5's funky FlexVaas and VKB's retro-cool SlowCooker, to classic...

94 Wines -- No. 52 Red
With the holiday season looming, many of us are on the lookout for some fab new wines to enjoy during the festivities and to give as gifts. I'm particularly charmed by the fresh, clean look of Dutch wine merchant 94 Wines' selection. But is it a case of form over function?

Product Review: Chocolate Stories Chocolate Letters
Chocolate Stories use similar chocolate letters to those you may have seen for Dutch holiday 'Sinterklaas', but give you a whole new way to spell out your love.

Product Review: Designkaas
Tasty Dutch cheese in a hip designer jacket, courtesy of food designer Marinde van Leeuwen.

Product Review: Zarb Champagne
While we may be more known more for our beer than our bubblies, the Zarb concept was created right here in Holland by a local advertising agency. The brand combines crisp champagne from a centuries old vineyard in the Champagne region with artful label design, for a modern-looking product that is beyond beautiful.

Dutch Stuff - Online Grocery Store
This online shop carries a wide range of everyday Dutch groceries.

Dutch Taste - Dutch Groceries Online
This online shop carries a very wide range of Dutch groceries.

Kaashandel Peters (www.goudacheeseshop.com)
Gouda Cheese Shop sells Dutch Gouda Cheese (young and aged), Baby Edam, Smoked Gouda, Dutch farmhouse cheese ('Boerenkaas'), nettle cheese, clove cheese and more online. All cheese is freshly cut and vacuum-packed prior to shipping.

Gestam - Dutch Cheese Shop
This cheese shop in Edam has been exporting cheese for almost a century. They specialize in Edam (of course), and also offer Gouda and Maasdammer cheese.

Gourmet-Food.com - Dutch Cheese
This online store carries a good selection of Dutch cheeses.

Henri Willig - Cheese Shop
Henri Willig offers Edam, Gouda, goat cheese and sheepsmilk cheese, as well as smoked, spiced and herbed varieties.

iGourmet.com - Dutch Cheese, Coffee & More
iGourmet offers an excellent selection of Dutch cheeses, but they also carry Dutch Douwe Egberts coffee, syrup waffles and candy.

Price Comparison Between Dutch Grocery Webshops
While some Dutch grocery webshops are better designed or stock more exciting products, others offer more bang for your buck. This website includes a handy price comparison that'll make it easier to decide just where to shop online for your favorite Dutch groceries.

Products From Home - Dutch Groceries Online
This website targets Dutch expatriates. It stocks over 1000 typical Dutch products.

The Dutch Epicure Shop
This Connecticut-based family business run by Dutch expats has been importing Dutch goodies for 35 years. Shop here for liquorice, cookies, cakes, candy, chocolates, cheese, coffee, tea and cocoa, Dutch-Indonesian ingredients and other Dutch specialties. They also bake fresh cookies and cakes on the premises.

Typical Dutch Stuff - Dutch Treats
A selection of Dutch foods, snacks, (alcoholic) beverages and other Dutch delights.

Hollandforyou.com - Buy Dutch Groceries Online
An online shop that sells Dutch groceries, books and magazines.

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