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Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur

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Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur

Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur

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The Bottom Line

With its delicious sweet-sour taste of yogurt, Bols Natural Yoghurt is a fine Dutch alternative to creamy liqueurs like Amarula cream and Baileys.


  • The concept is certainly new, especially considering that yogurt is such a typically Dutch product.
  • It tastes like a yoghurt drink - fresh, tart and not too sweet.
  • Makes a great base for fruity cocktails.


  • To make an even better gift, it should be packaged in a yogurt carton for consumers too.


  • A new liqueur by Amsterdam-based drinks company Lucas Bols, known for their liqueurs, genevers and gins.
  • A milky-white drink that can be enjoyed on the rocks or in various cocktail mixes.
  • Now available at liquor stores across the Netherlands. Bols Natural Yoghurt retails at €9,99 for 0,5 liter (1 pint).
  • For further information see the Lucas Bols website.

Guide Review - Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur

The makers claim that Bols Natural Yoghurt is made with 'natural ingredients' and the 'highest quality Dutch yogurt'. To that I cannot attest, the label only states that the bottle contains milk, however the liqueur does taste like plain sweetened yogurt, and I rather liked the clean, tart flavor. In fact, I prefer it to many of the other tooth-achingly sweet cream liqueurs on the market today.

Interestingly, my husband and 22 year old step-son turned their noses up, while my 18 year old step-daughter liked it even more than I do. Clearly, this is a drink aimed at women, and young ones at that. Summing up the taste as "Like Fristi with alcohol", a pretty apt description, considering that this popular children's drink is also made with milk, she added, 'I bet this would taste great in a cocktail with strawberries'. Indeed, the drink was designed to drink pure on the rocks or in fruity cocktails mixes.

What also appealed was the packaging. Or what I thought was the packaging. The press people had presented the bottle to me within a yogurt carton. However, I quickly learned that this gimmick was 'for press only'. A real shame, as it would have been ideal for Sinterklaas, when packaging gifts in unexpected ways is, well, expected. However, the bottle itself looks pretty nice too, with a creamy white exterior to match the milky substance inside, a glossy blue label and a silver screw top. All things considered, a good gift for the coming holiday season and beyond.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
LOVE BOLS YOGHURT, Member arti.thomas

At first I was really suspicious about this liquour. Alcohol based on yoghurt???? But now this really is my favorite flavor. I'd tried the drink for the first time at house of bols. A museum about alcohol. The bartenders there mixed me some really nice drinks with bols yoghurt at the end of the tour! That was the moment they win me over! So don't be suspicious, just try!

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