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Favorite Dutch Foodie Finds 2012

Best Gourmet Gifts from the Netherlands


Our favorite food-related gifts from the Netherlands this year includes a few design items, a number of our most beloved cookbooks from the past year and some yummy treats.

1. Home Made Winter

Photo © Fontaine
Now available in Dutch, English and German, Home Made Winter is your must-buy winter cookbook this year. With Yvette van Boven's most beloved comfort foods for the colder months - think ossenworst (raw Dutch beef sausage), oliebollen with dried apricots and sausage rolls with speculaas spices - it's a luminous ode to the darkest season.

2. Boomerang Wok

Photo © Royal VKB
Expertly combining form and function, Royal VKB's Boomerang Wok features a patented cupped edge, allowing ingredients to be flicked while cooking without having to lift the wok.

3. Het Nederlandse Bakboek

Photo © Kosmos Uitgevers
Het Nederlandse Bakboek reads like a love letter to traditional Dutch baking, with plenty of traditional recipes, tips and stories from history by author and food historian Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra.

4. Lloop Table Lamp

Photo © Vij5
Add a touch of seasonal green to your dining room with a row of Vij5's Lloop lamps (also known as Llus lamp). The pretty pastel green and copper lamp features an adjustable cable, which can be knotted to become a design feature in itself. Also available in various other colors.

5. Poptasi Macarons

Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
It seems we no longer have to trek to Pierre Herme in Paris for best-in-class macarons. Poptasi Pastry, the brainchild of a former adman turned pastry chef, is the first store in the Netherlands dedicated to the French cookie. We highly recommend the flavors limoncello, salted caramel, stroopwafel and pineapple.

6. Kitty's Jam

Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
Available online and at markets throughout the Netherlands, Kitty's Jams are packed with seasonal fruit, veg and herbs. The preserves are made in small batches and come beautifully presented. Flavors include pumpkin, cranberry, blood orange, poached pear and zucchini.

7. Het Nederlands Viskookboek

Photo © Uitgeverij Carrera
An inspiring cookbook for people who want to fight overfishing in the tastiest possible way. With some 60 recipes for cooking sustainable Dutch seafood and plenty of stories and information, the award-winning Het Nederlands Viskookbook is a worthy addition to any seafood lover's cookbook shelf.

8. Mjammie Koekjes

Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
Handmade and -decorated, and packaged in paper take-out containers, Maaike's gorgeous holiday themed cookies are available online and at markets throughout the Netherlands.

9. De Groene Garde

Photo © Jeroen Niezen
For a truly 'green''Christmas, pick up De Groene Garde cookbook, which manages to simultaneously inform and delight with 101 tips for sustainable eating, 100 seasonal recipes, 9 background stories about the impact of food on people and the environment and interviews with 8 local pioneers who have done pioneering work in the field of sustainability.

10. Life Fondue Set by Boska

Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
Never mind the true origins of the fondue tradition - in the Netherlands cheese fondue is part and parcel of the holidays. Celebrate Christmas the Dutch way with this stylish duck egg blue fondue set by Boska, a company specialized in cheese tools since 1896.
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