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Definition: Koffie = Coffee

Per capita, the Dutch drink about 150 liters of coffee a year. That's more than double the American consumption, and almost six times that of the British. In fact, the Netherlands usually places within the top 5 coffee drinking nations in the world, along with the Scandinavian countries.

But, until relatively recently, if you asked for koffie in the Netherlands, you were very likely to receive a cup of black filter coffee with sugar and coffee cream on the side, along with a single cookie (usually speculaas or a bitterkoekje, which are similar to Italian amaretti biscuits). Today, however, most Dutch cafés serve cappuccino, espresso and other Italian-style coffees and there is a thriving coffee bar culture, with bespoke blends and passionate baristas, in the Netherlands.

Douwe Egberts is probably the most well-known brand of Dutch coffee, but we also like Simon Levelt (only available in the Netherlands and Belgium). Choose between Simon Levelt's 60 brands of coffee from all over the world, including melanges (blends) and estate coffee (coffee from a single plantation). If you're after something a little more exclusive, De Eenhoorn, in Kampen, offers single origin fair trade coffees - freshly roasted daily. Renowned restaurants, such as the Ivy in Rotterdam, IDRW, and De Groene Lantaarn serve their coffee.

Discover the 10 Best Coffee Bars in Amsterdam.

Also Known As: bakkie or bakkie troost (old fashioned)
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