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Main Meals

The main event. Dutch food is healthy, cheap and nutritious -- perfect for mid-week meals for the whole family or comfort eating for one. But even better, these recipes are simple to make.

Ajam Seitan (Devilled Chicken)
The original Indonesian version of this recipe (which isn't all that devilishly spicy) uses a whole chicken. Loethe Olthuis' recipe from 'Spitsuurkoken' uses chicken thighs for convenience and speed.

Antakya Kebab Recipe
I am always interested in Turkish recipes, because Turkish people make up a large proportion of Holland's immigrant community and its food is influencing the way we eat in the Netherlands today. While kebab shops litter Dutch cities, this isn't your ordinary kebab. For one thing - it's flat - like a Turkish take on the hamburger, only much...

Asparagus Hollandaise
It's hard to beat soft, tender lovely white asparagus. It's even harder to beat the way the Dutch eat it -- swathed in Hollandaise sauce, chopped boiled eggs and slices of ham. This is Spring cuisine at its swoonworthy best.

Asparagus Tart
This seasonal spring tart with fresh green asparagus, puff pastry, ricotta, Parmesan cheese, tarragon and almonds places the verdant spears in the spotlight - exactly where they belong.

Flemish-Style Asparagus with Smoked Salmon Recipe
Delicate white asparagus and salty smoked salmon make a moreish match in this simple recipe.

Babi Ketjap
Babi Ketjap is a typical Indonesian stew, featuring pork, aromatic spices and Indonesian soy sauce. The Dutch have embraced the food of their former colony as their own and it has become part and parcel of their culinary heritage. Babi Ketjap is exactly the kind of Indonesian dish Dutch people cook at home because it is so accessible and easy to make.

Chicken with Purslane & Crispy Bread Salsa
This dish from 'De Groene Garde', a cookbook with 'green' ideas and recipes combines pan-fried chicken with a crispy salsa made with leftover bread. It's served with a tangle of purslane, a foraging-friendly herbt that is richer in iron than spinach.

Choucroute Garnie Recipe (Zuurkool Extreem)
This classic Alsatian dish turns humble sauerkraut into the ultimate celebration of cabbage and pork.

Draadjesvlees Pie (Hacheepastei)
This comforting winter pie is filled with a rich, slow-braised beef & onion stew and topped with an oven-crisp puff pastry crust.

Drie in de Pan Recipe (Traditional Dutch Pancakes)
Their name translates as 'three in the pan' because you can bake three of these delicious pancakes at a time.

Duck Breasts with Spices from the Dutch East India Company
Inspired by the exotic spices imported by the Dutch East India Company in centuries past, this duck dish is rich in both flavor and history.

Dutch Bacon & Apple Pancakes
Pancakes with apple, bacon and syrup may sound a bit strange to you, but don't knock it till you try it. It really is wickedly delicious.

Dick Soek's Venison Stew (Reehachée van Dick Soek)
This venison stew by a Dutch Michelin-starred chef is flavored with , small spiced cookies enjoyed at 'Sinterklaas'. This stew is an excellent addition to any festive holiday table, especially when combined with potato purée, slices of baked apple and red cabbage.

Easy Pork Rib Roast with Oven-Roasted Vegetables
Forget turkey, the Dutch way to celebrate is with pork. This easy one-pot recipe delivers a juicy rib roast with crispy crackling and oven roasted veggies.

Roasted Hutspot Recipe (Hutspot Uit de Oven)
This oven-roasted dish of potatoes, carrots, onions and sausage is an easy update of an old classic, 'hutspot', that traditional mash of boiled carrots, potatoes and onions. Roasting the veggies in the oven isn't only easier on the cook, but it offers the eater a far more pleasing plate of food, with a range of interesting textures and tastes.

Beijing Mash
Inspired by the recent Olympic Games in Beijing, I created this Chinese play on a very traditional Dutch dish - Stamppot (vegetable mash). My Beijing Mash features potatoes (of course), bok choi, shiitake mushrooms and cashew nuts. It is delicious, and also happens to be vegetarian.

Brown Bean Soup
Brown bean soup is a typical Dutch winter meal. My recipe is easy to make and an ideal way to get you hooked on winning winter food from Holland. Trust me, this soup will wrap you up like a warm blanket on a cold day.

Chicken from the Golden Age
The ingredients for this recipe are straight out of a 17th century Dutch cookbook. I've updated the cooking method, but the basic ingredients -- chicken with bacon, butter, herbs and spices -- remain the same as in the original recipe.

Draadjesvlees (Traditional Dutch Slow-Braised Beef)
This delicious traditional Dutch beef and onion stew is slowly braised in butter, stock and spices until the meat actually falls apart into threads (and indeed, 'draadjesvlees' means thready meat). It is the kind of homely winter food that you prepare on weekends: the meat in the pot may take hours, but you don't have to do much to it, which...

Drunken Deer
This hearty game dish features deer steaks poached in Holland's national liquor -- jenever. It is perfect for chilly winter weather.

Draadjesvlees met Oud Bruin Bier (Slow-Braised Beef with Brown Beer)
This is the Southern Dutch version of Draadjesvlees (slow braised beef stew). The addition of brown beer and carrots add a rich, sweet malty note that makes this recipe more than just a 'variation of'.

Braised Beef with Bischopswijn & Boerenjongens
This sweetly spiced stew smacks of the Dutch holiday season. It's flavored with 'boerenjongens', those cinnamonny brandy soaked raisins, and 'bischopswijn' (aromatic mulled wine).

What To Do with Cauliflower
I've borrowed these ideas for using cauliflower from 'Smaakvrienden', Angelique Schmeink's guide to culinary inspiration, filled with ideas, tips, pairings and recipes for some 80 vegetables.

Runderstoofpotje met Bruin Bier en Wintergroenten (Dutch Beef Stew with Brown...
Delicious and nutritious, this hearty stew with beef, carrots, potatoes, leeks and malty Dutch brown beer will keep you warm this winter.

Erwtensoep (Traditional Dutch Split Pea Soup)
Made with split peas, plenty of vegetables and pork, this delicious Dutch 'erwtensoep' is a meal of a soup that'll put some meat on your bones in the coldest months. Also known as 'snert', this hearty soup is traditionally served on New Year's Day in the Netherlands, but is also enjoyed throughout the fall and winter months.

Grilled Rib Eye Steak with Garlic & Herbs
Nothing conjures up the feeling of summer faster than the smoky smell of a barbecue. Take your next grilling-session to new heights with this recipe for grilled rib eye steak, marinated in garlic and herb oil.

Grilled Sea Bass with Garlic & Parsley
In this recipe, European seabass is anointed with a flavorful garlic and parsley oil and then grilled in a barbecue basket. Grilling seabass brings out the delicate flavors of the fish, while adding delicious smoky aromas.

Lekkerbek met Ravigotesaus (Deep-Fried Plaice with Ravigote Sauce)
This version of fish and chips makes good use of plaice instead of overfished cod, whiting or hake. Served with a ravigote sauce, rich with fresh garden herbs, this deep-fried Dutch delicacy is not to be missed.

Pancakes with Kruidnoten (Drie In De Pan Met Kruidnoten)
These fluffy pancakes are a joy on a weekend morning. The kruidnoten, those tiny Dutch ginger cookies, add their ambrosial aroma of sugar, spice and all that's nice.

Hollandse Hazenpeper met Kruidkoek (Dutch Hare Stew)
This traditional Dutch hare stew featuring spicy Frisian gingerbread is fabulous for Fall with its surprisingly sweet yet satisfyingly savory depths of flavor.

Homemade Ricotta with Goat's Milk and Coriander Seeds Recipe
Yvette van Boven's easy recipe for homemade ricotta uses goat's milk and coriander seeds. Crumble over salads or use in desserts.

Indo-Dutch Satay
The Dutch have embraced the food of their former colony, Indonesia, as their own. Nowadays, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Dutch town without an Indonesian restaurant. Indonesian ingredients are available at every supermarket and Indonesian meals have become a staple of everyday Dutch cooking. Satay can be very complicated and labor intensive or very easy. I’ve gone for the easy way.

Jachtschotel (Hunter's Dish)
Jachtschotel - Hunter's Dish - Hunter's Stew Recipe - Hunter's Casserole

Kapucijnerschotel (Monk's Mince)
Monk's Mince is my name for 'kapucijnerschotel' (literally: grey pea dish). It is a typical Dutch family meal, with grey peas (or marrowfat peas), minced beef, apples and bacon. Monk's Mince is easy to make and even easier to tuck into.

Keftas with Tomato
Moroccan cuisine is increasingly influencing the modern Dutch kitchen. The tajine is a popular dish from one of the Netherlands' largest immigrant groups.

Knolselderijstamppot (Celeriac Mash)
Every family in Holland has their own recipe for stamppot. Unadulterated peasant food, vegetable mashes like this one kept a hungry nation of farmers going all day out in the fields. Nowadays, it is still very popular as a mid-week family meal without any pretensions.

Lamb Chops with Spice Rub from the New Dutch Kitchen
What's great about lamb chops is that you can cook them in a flash in a frying pan for rush hour dinners, without having to sacrifice any of those oohs and aahs that had you cooking from scratch in the first place. While great on their own, I like to maximise that wow factor with aromatics. These lamb chops are laced with a spice rub that...

Lamb & Apricot Tajine
Start discovering the magnificent cuisine of one of Holland's largest immigrant groups by cooking a key dish from the Moroccan kitchen: a stew known as tajine. This lamb and apricot tajine is easy to make and simply delicious to eat.

Mussels with Saffron & Ginger Recipe
Mussels are a typical Dutch meal and while the use of saffron and ginger may seem very modern, this recipe can actually be traced back to a 15th century culinary manuscript in the library of the 'Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde' (the Royal Academy for Dutch Language and -Literature) in Ghent.

Mussel Pot with Trappist Beer Recipe
Our southern neighbours, Belgium, may have turned mussels into their national dish, but the Netherlands is actually the leading mussel supplier to both the French and Belgian markets, and one of the biggest mussel exporters worldwide. Zeeuwse mussels, from the Dutch coastal region of Zeeland, are prized for their quality and really come into...

My Roasted Root Vegetables Recipe
Every cook should have a recipe for baked vegetables in his or her repertoire. Not only because they're so ridiculously easy to make - you don't even have to peel the veg and the oven does all the work for you - but because they're so satisfying to eat. This is my winter version, using those root vegetables that take so well to our local soil;...

Nasi Goreng (Dutch-Indonesian Fried Rice)
Thanks to Holland's colonial past in Indonesia, nasi goreng is a staple in every Dutch family home today. It's a classic fridge-raid recipe, using up leftover rice, vegetables, bacon and eggs to make a filling meal that'll please the whole family. Turning your leftovers into another meal isn't only a tasty way to save money, but will help to...

Lemony Chicken Breast Fillets with Brown Bean Salad & Herring and Herb Relish
Chicken marinated in lemon is always a popular choice. I like to serve it with my brown bean salad and herring & herb relish. Here, traditional Dutch ingredients combine with zesty flavors for a light and thoroughly modern dish.

Moreish Mussels
The Netherlands is world renowned for its mussels. For the uninitiated, I could only describe their taste as slightly briny, surprisingly sweet and creamy. They really taste of the ocean. My dish combines mussels with the familiar (carrots and leeks) and the not-so-familiar, briny sea beans/samphire, which seem to bring out the wonderful ozone aroma of the ocean even more in the mussels.

North Sea Gurnard with Westland Grape Salsa
A healthy and nutrient rich salsa of Westland grapes, tomatoes, red onion, radishes, chilli pepper and parsley contrast nicely with fresh pan fried North Sea gurnard and garlicy new potatoes with bacon.

Omelet with Turnip Greens, Chevre & Chili
Turnip greens (known as 'raapstelen' in Dutch) are a very typical and traditional ingredient in Holland. They are very tasty (slightly bitter and peppery, like a cross between spinach and arugula) and super good for you. Get your day off on the right track with my omelet with turnip greens, chevre and chili.

Ostrich Steak with Mashed Potatoes & Blackberry Sauce
This recipe is a good example of the pure, honest flavors that Landgoed Mariënwaerdt, a well-known Dutch country estate, is renowned for. Ostrich is a great alternative to most fatty festive foods, because it has all the beefy flavor of red meat, but only 1/3 of the fat. The blackberry sauce makes the most of this lean meat, in much the same way...

Philosopher’s Stew
Philosopher's Stew (also known as 'Filosoof' in Dutch) is a hearty winter stew, traditionally made with leftovers and topped with a layer of potatoes. My version features beef and quinces.

Puff Pastry Tarts with Hard Dutch Goat's Cheese, Leeks & Mushrooms
Puff pastry tarts are an easy way out when you want a savory pie but none of the hassle. I simply use pastry squares straight from the box and add the pan-softened veggies on top, before sliding it into a warm oven - what could be easier?

Raw Curly Endive Stamppot Recipe (Stamppot Rauwe Andijvie)
This old-fashioned Dutch winter dish with curly endive, potatoes and bacon may be the very definition of comfort food in cold weather, but it's actually quite good for you, too. Potatoes are packed with potassium and vitamin C, while curly endive is rich in folate, fiber and vitamins A and K.

Sole with Hollandaise Sauce Recipe (Tongfilets met Hollandaise Saus)
This classic combination of sole, hollandaise sauce and wild spinach is chic enough for a dinner party or special occasion cooking and remains an enduringly delicious choice.

Tart with Belgian Endive & Chevre (Bladerdeegtaart met Witlof & Geitenkaas)
This puff pastry tart with Belgian endive & young goat's cheese from 'Lekker Hollands' is just the thing for rainy Sunday afternoons.

Potato & Celeriac Soup with Gouda Cheese
This beautiful blonde meal of a soup is made with typical Dutch ingredients, such as potato, celeriac and Gouda cheese. My easy recipe makes a generous pot of velvety soup.

Poached Salmon with Chive Sour Cream & Fresh Potato Salad
Salmon is native to Dutch rivers, and although not as abundant as they once were you can catch local Dutch salmon in our rivers today. While most of the salmon we eat in the Netherlands today is either farmed and/or imported, recipes for salmon has been appearing in Dutch cookbooks since at least 1514. This recipe makes a light and modern...

Rendang Padang Recipe (Beef in Spicy Coconut Sauce)
Indonesian food is to the Dutch what Indian food is to the British. And, just like there are Mexican restaurants in almost every American city, Indonesian restaurants abound in the Netherlands. In fact, the Dutch have embraced the food of their former colony as their own and are more likely to take visitors to their country to an Indonesian...

Roast Suckling Pig Recipe
What could be more celebratory than cooking a whole roast suckling pig? This step-by-step recipe explains how to go about it at home.

Rolled Pork Loin with Brandy-Soaked Raisins (Varkensrollade met Boerenjongens)
Rolled loin of pork is roasted in a rich medley of apples, winter vegetables and brandy soaked raisins for a simple yet sumptuous one-pot feast.

Roast Pigeon with Grapes & Celeriac Puree
This special occasion recipe by renowned Dutch chef Yolanda van der Jagt features roast pigeon with black grapes and a side dish of celeriac puree.

Roast Guinea Fowl with Tarragon & Dill Butter (Geroosterde Parelhoen met...
Guinea fowl, that African cousin of the chicken, tastes much milder than you might think and can be used as an interesting alternative to chicken. Its skin is yellower than that of a chicken and its flesh is darker, but its tasty meat is naturally high in protein and low in fat. Annointed with my tarragon and dill butter and drenched in a fresh...

Roast Pigeon with Limburgian Apple Syrup Gravy
This recipe combines roast pigeon, -apples and -potatoes with Limburgian apple syrup. A superbly seasonal meal for the fall and winter months. If you're not mad for pigeon, these roast apples and apple syrup gravy works really well with pan seared duck, too. In fact, they'd taste wonderful with most game birds, venison and even pork.

Roast Poussin with Chermola
This delicious recipe from 'De Keuken van Marokko' features roast poussin with a spicy coriander, garlic, lemon and caraway marinade.

Scrambled Eggs with Shrimp Recipe
An excellent and easy scrambled eggs recipe for a Sunday brunch or toothsome lunch.

Slavinken (Bacon Wrapped Pork Parcels)
You'll find 'slavinken' (bacon wrapped pork parcels) at every Dutch butcher and supermarket. My version includes traditional Dutch meat herbs, which add a flavorful touch.

Spicy Barbecued Sea Bass Recipe
A chili-spiked oil provides a spicy thrill and lashings of cilantro (coriander leaves) add their aromatic tones to this barbecued sea bass recipe.

Smoked Herring Fishcakes
Team leftover mashed potatoes with flakes of smoked fish for a main that is both frugal and fabulous.

Stamppot Sla (Spring Salad Mash with a Runny Fried Egg)
Stamppot (Dutch vegetable mash) is usually considered a winter dish, but it was such a diet staple in bygone times that the Dutch used to eat it year round. Stamppot Sla is a Spring stamppot. It is made with spring-fresh butter lettuce ('Hollandse kropsla').

Steamed Asparagus with Ham, Egg, Potatoes & Butter Sauce
Most traditional Dutch recipes call for white asparagus to be poached or steamed and served with melted butter or hollandaise, chopped boiled eggs, ham and boiled new potatoes. My updated version of this old-fashioned recipe puts the microwave to good use, cutting down on time and dishes.

Steamed Cauliflower with Pastrami, Goat's Cheese & Arugula
This grown-up take on cauliflower cheese by Dutch masterchef Angelique Schmeinck features pastrami, arugula and goat's cheese for all the comfort of the nursery classic with none of the usual blandness.

Summery Chili Sin Carne Recipe

Surinamese Chicken Curry
This Surinamese chicken curry with its spicy masala spice mix and tender chicken breast fillets, is a favorite in the Netherlands. What's more, unlike most curry recipes that take hours to prepare, it's really quick and easy -- just the thing for a mid-week curry fix.

Telor Besengek Recipe (Eggs in Coconut Sauce)
I was intrigued by this recipe from Boekoe Kita, because I couldn't quite imagine eggs and coconut working together, but I assure you, it does so dreamily. The tender yellow yolks of the boiled eggs melt together with the creamy coconut sauce, and when combined with fluffy, white rice, this is the ultimate in comfort food. What's more, this dish is wonderfully economical and is sure to please vegetarian guests.

Traditional Flemish Waterzooi Recipe
Waterzooi is a traditional Flemish fish dish, which straddles that notional territory between a soup and a stew. Some modern versions feature chicken and fish, but this recipe follows a deliciously old-fashioned all-fish formula.

What To Do with Witlof
These ideas for using witlof come courtesy of 'Smaakvrienden', a guide to culinary inspiration, filled with ideas, tips, pairings and recipes for some 80 vegetables.

White Winter Vegetable Mash with Sausages (Stamppotje van Witte Wintergroente...
I have already included a recipe for this perfectly pale puree of parsnips, turnip rooted parsley, celeriac root and jerusalem artichokes in my section of side dishes, but topped with a fresh sausage or two and served with gravy, this makes a vitamin-packed main meal for fall and winter.

Zuurkoolstamppot met Spek (Sauerkraut & Potato Mash with Bacon)
This old-fashioned hotchpotch with sauerkraut, potatoes and bacon is wintry and warming. Due to its high vitamin C content, sauerkraut has long been viewed as a vital source of vitamin C during cold Dutch winters. Nowadays, however, we eat 'zuurkoolstamppot' because we crave its sweet-sour-salty flavor.

Vongole with Shallots in White Wine Recipe

Steamed Cod Fillet with Carrots and Leeks

Trout in Foil with White Wine & Tarragon Sauce

Pork Cordon Bleu Recipe
A classic cordon bleu recipe using bone-in pork rib chops, stuffed with piquant cheese and juicy ham.

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