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Pancakes with Kruidnoten (Drie In De Pan Met Kruidnoten)


Pancakes with Kruidnoten (Drie In De Pan Met Kruidnoten)

Kruidnoten Pancakes

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Nowadays you can find pancake recipes from all around the world, but the fact remains that pancakes are seen as a traditional dish in the Netherlands. Even today, pancake restaurants remain popular in Holland, and children's parties are often held at such establishments.

Size-wise, these fluffy pancakes with kruidnoten fall somewhere in-between those typically Dutch plate-sized pancakes and tiny little poffertjes. They're often called drie in de pan because you can fit three of these beauties in a large frying pan. Of course, traditional drie in de pan are made with currants or raisins, while here spicy Dutch ginger nut cookies, called kruidnoten add flavor and interest.

While kruidnoten are only commercially available during the months leading up to Sinterklaas in the Netherlands, there's nothing stopping you from making this recipe at another time of year. After all, the Dutch used to only eat speculaas (the kruidnoot's big sister) at Sinterklaas, but nowaways that cookie is enjoyed throughout the year. In fact, considering how popular kruidnoten are, it's surprising that they haven't made the leap to year-round treat yet. And our easy kruidnoten recipe means that you're not dependent on when the shops stock them. But you could also use store-bought speculaas cookies or even crumbled ginger cookies here.

This recipe is from Maak Van De Noot Een Deugd cookbook, and has been translated and adapted for this site and published here with the permission of the publisher.

Yield: Makes about 16



Separate the eggs. Beat the egg whites and salt until the eggs are stiff.

In another bowl, mix together the egg yolks, flour, baking powder and milk until you have a smooth batter. Add the egg whites to the mixture and gently fold through.

Heat a non-stick frying pan on a medium-high stove. Add a little batter to the pan - not too much - about the size of an apple. Sprinkle some of the crushed kruidnoten on top while the batter is still wet on top. Flip when the bottom is golden and no longer sticks to the pan. Cook until the other side is also golden and keep warm until serving. Serve with stroop, honey, maple syrup or your favorite pancake syrup.


  • These pancakes are best served warm straight after you've made them. You can keep the cooked pancakes warm by placing them between two plate over a pot of boiling water - a typical Dutch grannies' trick.
  • You can also use buttermilk instead of the milk. It delivers a lighter, tangier pancake.
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