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Get the insider's guide to Holland from a local. I'll share the best on offer, e.g. my favorite Dutch websites and shops. There are also restaurant reviews and culinary city guides for those of you who plan to visit or for expats who live in the Netherlands.
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Top 10 Dutch Food Trends 2011 - Predictions from Dutch Trendwatchers
While I always take trend forecasters with a pinch of salt (make that shaved salt this year, mind you), it's always interesting to read what these so-called experts have to say. Some of the 2011 lifestyle trends predictions sent to me by So HBMEO, a team of Dutch trend forecasters, were quite predictable. Of course 'dirt' will be the new...

Best Food and Drink Gifts to Buy in the Netherlands
If you're a 'foodie' or have someone on your gift list who is, these culinary gifts from Holland are sure to please.

Favorite Dutch Dish - Dutch Foods to Recommend to Tourists
If you had to recommend one type of Dutch food to tourists, what would that be?

Dutch Cookbook Review: Meiraapje
"Meiraapje, Eettradities & Familierecepten" cookbook is a call to celebrate the great diversity of foods enjoyed as part of various national and local traditions throughout the year.

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