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Best Amsterdam Spots for Food Lovers - Food Shopping Guide to Amsterdam


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Best Amsterdam Cheese Shops
Best Amsterdam Spots for Food Lovers - Food Shopping Guide to Amsterdam

De Kaaskamer Cheese Shop

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The following cheese shops offer the finest selection of fromage in the city (and, some would say, in the world). :

  • Holland's grande dame of fromage, Betty Koster, finally opened a branch of her revered cheese shop in Amsterdam's stately Oud Zuid neighborhood in early 2010. L'Amuse (Stadionweg 147) offers some 400 types of cheese from the usual suspects like the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy but also from regions that are not so well-represented in Dutch cheese shops, such as England, Ireland, Portugal and the U.S.A. Ms. Koster is deeply knowledgeable about her product and cares passionately about provenance and quality, and even handles the ageing of the cheese in her own climate-controlled affinage facilities. I heartily recommend their Boeren Goudse Oplegkaas, a piquant and crumbly Gouda that has been aged for four years and even boasts its own Slow Food Presidium, an official mark of recognition by the Slow Food Movement.
  • De Kaaskamer (Runstraat 7) remains a favorite stop for cheese in the charming Jordaan shopping district. The shop's name simply means 'cheese room', and a room full of cheese it most certainly is! You'll find hundreds of varieties of cheese from all over the world here - piled from floor to ceiling. In fact, even the most discerning cheese lover will be in kaas heaven. Try Le Petit Doruvael, a gooey and aromatic washed rind cheese, which sounds French but is, in fact, deliciously Dutch.
  • With neighbors like Slagerij Fred de Leeuw (one of the best butchers in town), award-winning Patisserie Kuyt and MSC-certified sustainable fish shop Fishes, Kaashuis Tromp (Utrechtsestraat 90) is in good company. The shop, which is part of a national chain, offers a fine selection of Dutch and international cheeses, with plenty of samples.
  • Kaashandel Kef (Marnixstraat 192) was Amsterdam's first specialist in French cheese and still carries a respectable selection of French fromage.
  • Taste a variety of Reypenaer cheeses at the Reypenaer Tasting Room (Singel 182). I particularly recommend Wyngaard Chevre Gris aged goat's cheese and Reypenaer VSOP, a crumbly, aged Gouda-style cheese.
  • Delicious delis:

  • Caulils (Haarlemmerstraat 115) delicatessen stocks cheese, charcuterie, pastas and risottos, lobster, conserves, and wines, among other things.
  • Erik's Delicatessen (Beukenplein 16) has a good selection of cheeses (I love the ash-covered chevre pyramid), but also sells olives, charcuterie and wines.
  • Meeuwig & Zn (Haarlemmerstraat 70) may not sell cheese, but they take the cheese where it comes to olive oils and vinegars, although a purist may argue that they should switch to dark glass bottles. They also have a small but brilliant selection of mustards, olives, spices and other goodies.
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