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Dutch Shrimp & Cucumber Sandwiches

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Dutch Shrimp & Cucumber Sandwiches

Shrimp & cucumber sandwich

Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
My shrimp & cucumber sandwiches are the perfect addition to your brunch-, lunch- and high tea table and are also ideal for picnics. You may want to use a pretty skewer to keep these delicate sandwiches from falling apart, but if you're taking them to a picnic, some plastic wrap does nicely too. I have not indicated quantities, because with something as simple as sandwiches, I think it's more about ideas than measurements.


  • Zingy Zaanse Mayo (see Instructions for link to recipe)
  • Cucumber
  • White bread, sliced
  • Dutch shrimp, peeled, deveined and cooked


Cut the crusts off pre-sliced white bread. Smear the bread with the Zingy Zaanse Mayo. Halve a cucumber lengthways and scoop out the seeds with a teaspoon. Slice as thinly as you can and pat dry on kitchen paper. Top one slice of bread with the cucumber slices, and then add a layer of shrimp and the other slice of bread. Cut into triangles and serve.


  • I've indicated Dutch shrimp, because they're delicious and the ideal size for sandwiches and, well, this is the Dutch food site after all, but you can easily substitute them with whatever small shrimp or prawns are native to your area, or simply chop larger shrimp into smaller pieces.
  • Who feels like slaving on a hot summer's day? Simply buy your shrimp ready cooked from a good fishmonger. In a pinch, even prepackaged ones from the supermarket will do.
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    Dutch shrimps!!!, Member Dutchcook1965

    Dutch shrimps are the best!!! I like this sandwich with such Dutch ingredients much and it looks very nice too.

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