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Sole with Hollandaise Sauce

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Definition: Tong is the Dutch name for the common sole (Solea solea). The name comes from the Dutch word for 'tongue', a reference to the tongue-shape of the flat fish.

Despite being overfished, this delicate fish remains popular in Dutch restaurants and is often the most expensive item on menus. Sustainable and MSC-certified sole is available, however. Sustainable fishing methods help to manage the stock and causes less damage to the seabed, but also makes selective fishing possible, reducing by-catch. The catch is not crushed in large nets, which ensures better quality and freshness. In the Netherlands, sustainable sole fishing takes place with special nets from March to October.

Dutch sole sizes:

  • Sole of 24-27 cm is known as Sliptong
  • Sole of 27-30 cm is known as Tong 1
  • Sole of 30-33 cm is known as Kleinmiddel
  • Sole of 33-38 cm is known as Grootmiddel
  • Sole of 38-99 cm is known as Laptong

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  • Also Known As: Latin: Solea solea; Dutch: Sliptong, Tong 1, Kleinmiddel, Grootmiddel, Laptong, Ruigneus (large sole), Slips (small sole); English: Sole, Common Sole, Dover Sole, Black sole, Parkgate sole, River sole, Sea partridge, Slip (small), Southport sole, ToungeTrue sole
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